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Name:♥ Quinn Fabray
Birthdate:Jun 1
Location:Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America
Quinn Fabray thought she had the world on the end of a puppet string when she was Head of the Cheerios in her sophomore year. She was the most popular chick in school, dating the Quarterback, destined to be Prom Queen. Life was sweet. Then she made the biggest mistake of her life on a day her self-confidence was in the toilet. She let the biggest manwhore in the school, and her boyfriend's best friend, Noah Puckerman, take her virginity - and unprotected at that - and ended up knocked up. From there on, Quinn struggled to find her feet with her life. Unknown to even Quinn herself, she suffered post-natal depression in the wake of giving birth to her daughter, which she gave up for adoption her her frenemy, Rachel's, biological mother, Shelby Cocoran. Things spiralled for Quinn then and she made a constant string of bad choices that not only hurt herself, but many of the people she loved and cared about. All she ever wanted was to like herself again... and maybe even be liked by others.

After a rough and lonely junior year where she tripped on her resolve to not need boys in her life to survive, she fell into the trap of thinking she needed a relationship to return to her former popularity glory. She failed in relationships with Sam Evans and an attempted reunion with Finn Hudson that year, and still ended up alone and miserable at the end of it. Her senior year was the biggest rollercoaster of all. She started out in the bad crowd when it seemed to be the only thing left for her, then she turned around to try and get Beth back, who was happy and healthy with Shelby. She was a selfish bitch and it just felt like she was forever destined to continuously be a screw up, not realising her emotions and reactions were all being dictated by an underlying, lingering depression after having the baby.

It was only when Quinn was nearly killed when her car got hit by a truck when she was texting and driving that she could start to pick up the pieces of her life. Whilst in hospital, her psychologist finally pinpointed the post-natal depression and began to treat her for it, and along with that, Quinn fought to get back on her feet after the accident left her wheelchair-bound. With the priceless help from her friends, she started to regain her life back and even regained the ability to walk. The icing on the cake was being accepted to Yale, and rather than studying Drama like she initially planned, she changed to a Psychology major after all the help she received in hospital with a view to helping people with their own painful struggles just like her psychologist had helped her.

Quinn has now graduated Yale and is ready to start her life. She has the world at her feet, but she misses her friends and plans to settle nearby. Who knows what the future will hold, but she's now content to leave her past where it belongs yet knows it made her the strong person she is today, and for that, she never can truly regret the good, the bad, and the very ugly of her time in Lima, Ohio.


She has completed at Bachelor of Psychology at Yale and is ready to start the next chapter of her life. She won't tag any canon muses unless notes state they are the same age/era as her. In turn, any Glee muses please only tag her if you are okay with her AU age and comfortable tagging within her era. She won't reply to tags stemming from current canon, as that is her past.

Girls on Fire // Played @ [community profile] wayswithwords etc.
Quinn's only canon verse. As of episode 4x14, she has hooked up with Santana and they've started to date.
The teenage years of Quinn's life have been nothing but one big mess of mistakes and confusion. No matter what she did, she always felt lost, like something was missing. She thought it was just giving her baby up for adoption in sophomore year, but the more she grew up, the more she came to understand that she did the best thing for Beth and will forever be grateful to Shelby for giving her daughter the life she deserved that Quinn never could have. But there was something missing, a hole inside that couldn't be filled... until she found herself slow dancing with Santana Lopez at Mr Schue's wedding that wasn't. Now Quinn has a lot of soul-searching to do, and why can't she get Miss Lopez out of her head?

Somebody To Love // [community profile] somebodytolove
Future post-college AU, Quinn and Puck, now very much moved on from McKinley and each other in their lives, unexpectedly find themselves with Beth back in their care.
The night of Quinn's graduation from Yale, she gets a phone call that will change her life. Shelby Cocoran has been killed in a car accident at the hand of a drunk driver with daughter, Beth, in the backseat of the car. Shelby had no chance of surviving, but eight year old Beth escaped with just a handful of cuts and bruises. Rachel's tearful phone call about the awful death of her biological mother was something Quinn never, ever thought she would find herself facing. When she made the painful decision just shy of her 17 birthday to give her baby up for adoption, part of the deal was that she would be happy, heathly and taken care of forever. And now all of a sudden, her daughter was an orphan...

Take My Breath Away // [community profile] takemybreathaway
Future post-college AU, Quinn never regained the use of her legs in senior year and remained in a wheelchair where Puck helped her com to terms with the changes in her life.
Quinn is twenty five years old and about to marry the love of her life, Noah Puckerman. She never thought she would marry anyone, let alone Puck, but in a dramatic turn with her life in the senior year of high school, it came to blatantly stare her in the face what a really wonderful guy he was. When Quinn never recovered her ability to walk in senior year, despite busting her ass in physio, she found herself facing the rest of her life in a wheelchair. Just when she thought she was about to break all over again, and this time perhaps without the ability to recover, Puck showed up on her doorstep one night and swore that he wanted to make up for all the mistakes with her he made in the past, and wanted to show her that she didn't need to use her legs to be the chick who changed his life and lit up his world. It was a hard road, with a lot of trust needing to be rebuilt and on her 21st birthday, Puck proposed to her and the rest was history.

Muse & mun both over the age of 18. For roleplay and fanfiction purposes only. No affiliation with Glee, its creators or its actors. Just for fun only. Dianna Agron, the actress who plays Quinn, belongs to herself.
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